Student loan consolidation interest rates  

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Student loan consolidation interest rates:

For the best type of student loan consolidation interest rates, you can find them on the internet. 

All you have to do is contact the lending companies that are willing to give you affordable repayment plans. Always look for those companies or sites who take time to share great financial advice, especially on how to effectively handle and manage your multiple college loans.

Do a research for the lowest interest rate reductions. On the market there are two available reductions. The first one says that most lenders offer reductions for consecutive on-time payment. 

The interest rates for student loan are based on annual rate in United States. These rates can be anywhere between minimum of 4.70% to maximum of 8.25% for the Federal Stafford loans and 9% for the Plus loans.

Student loan consolidation rates are not that different than what a graduate is already paying. The new rate on a student loan consolidation is simply the weighted-average of someone's current loan rates, rounded up to the nearest one-eighth of a percent (.125%).

For example, if three-quarters of your loan is at 8% and one-quarter is at 6%, the new rate would be calculated as the follows:

8% x .75 = 6.00%  


6% x .25 = 1.50%

Total New Rate = 7.50%

But it  is advisable first to check and study the terms and conditions that are presented by the college debt and loan provider.

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